HS English grammar suggestion 2023

HS English grammar suggestion

পরীক্ষাপ্রস্তুতি: উচ্চ  মাধ্যমিক ২০২৩ সালের পরীক্ষর্থীদের  সুবিধার জন্য prikshaprastuti.org এক্সপার্ট টীম নিয়ে এসেছে HS English textual grammar এর সাজেশন। এখানে textual narration change, voice change, the transformation of sentences, splitting into two simple sentences, interchange in parts of speech, joining of sentences, fill in the blanks with article and preposition, error correction ইত্যাদি অংশ থেকে গুরুত্বপূর্ণ grammatical প্রশ্ন উত্তরের সমাধান তুলে ধরা হল -HS English grammar suggestion 2023

HS English grammar suggestion 2023


1)You have already been answered,” said the hermit to the Tsar. [H.S. = 2015]

Ans. The hermit told the Tsar that he had already been answered.

2) ‘’Then I won’t turn you loose,” said the woman to the boy. [H.S. = 2016]

Ans. The woman told the boy that then she would not turn him loose.

3)We’ll soon be at your station,” I said to the girl. [H.S. = 2017]

Ans. I told the girl that we would soon be at her station.

4)Was I bothering you when I turned that corner?” asked the woman. [H.S. = 2018]

Ans. The woman asked if she had been bothering him when she had turned that corner.

5)The Tsar said, “I come to you, wise man, for an answer to my questions.” [H.S. = 2019]

Ans. The Tsar told the wise man that he came to him for an answer to his questions

6)Lomov: I’ll show the documents, Natalya Stepanovna! [H.S. = 2020]

Ans. Lomov told Natalya Stepanovna that she would show the document.


1)The hermit was digging the ground. [H.S. = 2015, 2020]                           

Ans. The ground was being dug by the hermit.

2)I found the window. [H.S. = 2016]                                                                   

Ans. The window was found by me.

3)My parents were widely regarded as an ideal couple. [H.S. = 2017]        

Ans. People regarded my parents as an ideal couple.

4)My father could convey complex spiritual concepts in very simple down-to-earth Tamil. [H.S. = 2018]  

Ans. Complex spiritual concepts could be conveyed in very simple down-to-earth Tamil by my father.

5)The man would have attacked you. [H.S. = 2019]                                        

Ans. You would have been attacked by the man.


1)Who doesn’t know Ramlal. (Rewrite as an assertive sentence) [H.S. = 2015]                               

Ans. Everyone knows Ramlal.

2)This is the best time. (Use the positive degree) [H.S. = 2015]                                                         

Ans. No other time is as good as this.

3)I was the most important man. (Use the positive degree) [H.S. = 2017]                                   

Ans. No other man was as important as I.                                      

4)I am the most unhappy of men. (Change into positive degree) [H.S. = 2018]                      

 Ans. No other man is as unhappy as I.

5)The most important thing in the world was science. (Change into positive degree) [H.S. = 2019]

Ans. No other thing was as important as science in the world.

6)This is not a correct approach. (Rewrite as an affirmative sentence) [H.S. = 2016]                           

Ans. This is an incorrect approach.

7)She did not leave the door shut. (Rewrite as an affirmative sentence) [H.S. = 2016]                           

 Ans. She left the door open.

8)I do not recall the exact number of people she fed every day. (Rewrite as an affirmative sentence) [H.S. = 2017]

Ans. I forget the exact number of people she fed every day.

9)But thy eternal summer shall not fade. (Rewrite as an affirmative sentence) [H.S. = 2018]

Ans. But thy eternal summer shall stay unfaded.

10)The poetry of earth is never dead. (Rewrite as an affirmative sentence) [H.S. = 2020]                           

Ans. The poetry of earth is always alive.

11)She was silent. (Rewrite as a negative sentence) [H.S. = 2016]                                                                        

Ans. She did not speak.

13)Mine was a very secure childhood. (Rewrite as an affirmative sentence) [H.S. = 2017]                   

Ans. Mine was not a very insecure childhood.

13)As soon as she left the train, she would forget our brief encounter. (Turn into a negative sentence) [H.S. =  2018]

Ans. No sooner had she left the train than she would forget our brief encounter.

14)The door was open. (Turn into a negative sentence) [H.S. =  2019]                                         

Ans. The door was not closed.

15)I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes. (Turn into a complex sentence) [H.S. = 2014]   

Ans. I wanted a pair of suede shoes which was blue in colour.

16)The sun began to sink behind the trees, the Tsar stuck the spade into the ground at last. (Turn into a complex sentence) [H.S. = 2019]

Ans. When the sun began to sink behind the trees, the Tsar stuck the spade into the ground at last.


1)The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie. [H.S. = 2015]

Ans. The man entered the compartment. He broke into my reverie.

2)A man, getting into the compartment, stammered an apology. [H.S. = 2016]

Ans. A man got into the compartment. He stammered an apology.

3)The water dripping from his face, the boy looked at her. [H.S. = 2017]

Ans. The water was dripping from her face. The boy looked at her.

4)There was a very old mosque in our locality where my father would take me for evening prayer. [H.S. = 2020]

Ans. There was a very old mosque in our locality. My father would take me there for evening prayer.


1)I wished to kill you. (Use the underlined word as a noun and new retention) [H.S. = 2018]

Ans. I had a wish to kill you.

2) I don’t intend to give up what I have. (Use the underlined word as a noun and rewrite) [H.S. = 2019]

Ans. I don’t have the intention to give up what I have.

3)He answered in a low deep voice. (Use the underlined word as a noun and rewrite the sentence) [H.S. = 2020]

Ans. He gave the answer in a low deep voice.


1)The sun’s rays were bright. They lit up the valley. (Combine and turn into a simple sentence) [H.S. = 2020]

Ans. The bright sun’s rays lit up the valley.


1) I have endeavoured     (i)         understand     (ii)         fundamental truths revealed    (iii)            me  (iv)          my father, and feel convinced that there exists    (v)         divine power that can lift one up from confusion, misery, melancholy and failure and guide one   (vi)           one’s true place. [H.S. = 2015]

Ans. (i) to (ii) the (iii) to (iv) by (v) a (vi) to

2) I was prepared      (i)        sit there   (ii)        almost any length   (iii)         time, just to listen       (iv)           her talking. Her voice had    (v)             sparkle (vi) a mountain stream. [H.S. = 2016]

Ans. (i) to (ii) for (iii) of (iv) to (v) the (vi) of

3) We lived       (i)         our ancestral house, which was built  (ii)       the middle  (iii)          the 19th century. It was a fairly large pucca house, made   (iv)          limestone and bricks,      (v)       the mosque street     (vi)          Rameswaram. [H.S. = 2017]

Ans. (i) in (ii) in (iii) of (iv) of (v) on (vi) in

4) The Tsar turned round and saw     (i)        bearded man come running   (ii)               (iii)        the wood. The man held his hands pressed        (iv)         his stomach and blood was flowing  (v)           (vi)  them. [H.S. = 2018]

Ans. (i) a (ii) out (iii) of (iv) against (v) from (vi) under

5) When my father came out   (i)           the mosque after the prayers, people of different religions would be setting outside, waiting   (ii)     him. Many of them offered bowls of water  (iii)       my father, who would dip his fingertips   (iv)        them and say   (v)         prayer. This water was then carried home    (vi)           invalids.    [H.S. = 2019]

Ans. (i) of (ii) for (iii) to (iv) in (v) a (vi) for                                                                                                                   

6) I moved easily (i)           the berth and felt     (ii)          the window ledge. The window was open and I faced it, making a pretence    (iii)         studying the landscape. I heard the panting    (iv)         the engine, the rumble of the wheels, and,      (v)           my mind’s eye, I could see telegraph posts flashing    (vi). [H.S. = 2020]

Ans. (i) along (ii) for (iii) of (iv) of (v) in (vi) bY


1) It is a fascinated game, guessing what went on out there.

(Options : fascination  / fascinate / fascinating)  [H.S. = 2015]

Ans. fascinating. 

2) They seemed very ancient about her comfort.

(Options : anxious / anxiety /anxiously) [H.S. = 2016]

Ans. anxious

3) Few girl can resist flattering.

(Options : flatter / flattery / flatterer) [H.S. = 2017]

Ans. flattery.

4) His answers filled me with a strange energy and enthusiastic.

(Options : enthuse / enthusiastically / enthusiasm) [H.S. = 2018]

Ans. enthusiasm.

5) You might run that comb through your hair so you will look pserent.

(Options : presently / presentable / presenting) [H.S. = 2019]

Ans. presentable.

6) I would say my was a very secure childhood.

(Options : I / me / mine) [H.S. = 2020]

Ans. mine.

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