প্রিয় ছাত্র ছাত্রীরা তোমরা যারা ২০২২ সালে উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক দেবে , PRIKSHAPASTUTI .ORG এক্সপার্ট টিমের পক্ষ থেকে প্রথমেই তোমাদের অভিনন্দন জানাই। এই করোনা পরিস্থিতিতে যাতে তোমরা বাড়িতে বসে সুন্দর ভাবে উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি নিতে পারো তার জন্যই আমাদের এই প্রচেষ্টা। এই অনলাইন  EDUCATIO মাধ্যমে তোমরা দেখে নাও HS ENGLISH REPORT WRITING  এর উপর ২০২২ পরীক্ষার জন্য তোমরা কতটা প্রস্তুতি নিয়েছো। 

1.Write a report on annual prize distribution ceremony of your school .


                                  ——-Reported by (নিজের  নাম )

Raiganj,8 March 2022: The Annual Prize Distribution ceremony of our school was held on the day before yesterday. The whole school campus was decorated gorgeously with flags and flowers. The program started at 1:00 p.m. and continued up to 4:00 p.m. The programme lasted for three hours. The headmaster of our school presided over the function. It was really a special day for all the students. There were recitations, songs, and the drama in which many students of our school took part. No sooner had the recitation, songs been over, the headmaster read out the annual report. He described the work and the progress of the school in various fields. Then the president of the programme distributed the prizes to the deserving students and delivered a short but neat speech. Then the programme came to an end with a vote of thanks to the President, the Chief Guest, and all other visitors.

2. Recently your school organised a Tree Plantation Programme on the World Environment Day.Write a report on it for the school magazine.

                                                      TREE PLANTATION PROGRAMME

                                                                 —  Reported by (নিজের  নাম )

Raiganj,8 March 2022: Our school conducted a tree plantation programme  on 05.06.2021 on the occasion of the World Environment Day. The programme started at 9 am. and continued till 4 pm .Our Headmaster inaugurated the drive by planting a tree in our school premises. The Headmaster of our school delivered a brief speech for the assembled students about the significance and importance of the tree plantation drive. Then the students who came with spade, cutters and other necessary equipments went into the locality in different groups and started planting saplings of different fruit and flower trees. The saplings were collected from the local nurseries. First, the holes were dug up. Then saplings were planted, water was poured and at last bamboo fences around the saplings were raised. This way 500-odd saplings were planted as part of the mega programme that generated a lot of stir and enthusiasm not only among the students but also the local people who came out in numbers watching and encouraging the honest and humble efforts of the young students. At the end, tiffin was served among the students.


Ans.                                                                                                  The Farewell Ceremony of a Retired Teacher.

                                             Reported by (নিজের  নাম )

:Raiganj,8 March 2022:: Sri Ramesh Chandra Dey, an assistant teacher of our school was given a farewell on the occasion of his retirement yesterday. Sri RC Dey, a sincere and committed teacher, had been serving in our school for more than thirty three years. The farewell function was presided over by the A.D.I, of schools (SE), Hooghly. The function opened with a song sung by some students in chorus. The departing teacher was garlanded first. The H.M. of our school delivered an impressive speech about Mr. RC Dey’s contributions to the all-round development of the our school. All his colleagues or co-workers paid heartfelt homage to him. They considered his departure as an irreparable loss to the school. Mr. Dey, in his farewell address, thanked all heartily. Too overpowered with grief to say anything coherently, Mr. Dey promised to work for the well-being of the school even in his post-retirement years. Finally the students and the teachers handed over him some gifts as token of their love and respect. The great teacher Mr. Dey also arranged some sweets for his dearest students. After taking sweets we returned home with a heavy heart.

4.Write a report on the celebration of Kanyashree Divas in your school.

Celebration of Kanyashree Divas

                       Reported by (নিজের  নাম )

:Raiganj,8 March 2022: Our honorable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has launched the Kanyashree Project for the allround development of the girl child as well as to prevent their premature marriage. The Kanyashree Project has two parts- an annual scholarship(500- from class VIII-XII)and a one time payment (25000) after being adult i.e. 18 years old. The families within an annual income of Rs. 1.20 lakh are eligible for taking the scheme. August 14th is celebrated as The Kanyashree Divas all over the state. Our school SBM has celebrated the day with pomp, grandeur and gaity. Our Headmaster inaugurated the programme. He inspired all the girls for study hard. The famous poet Srijato and writier Binod Ghisal were aslo present as our special guests. They also inspired us through there speech. They donated some books for our library. The Bank manager of SBI came there and opened some bank accounts for the scheme. Then some girls performed Rabindra Sangeet and Rabindr Nritto on the stage. A drama was also performed. Our school arranged lunch for all. Our Headmaster declared some special annual prizes and the programme came to an end.

5.Recently your school organised a magic show .write a report on it .

Ans:                                                                                     A MAGIC SHOW IN THE SCHOOL 

                    —-   Reported by (নিজের  নাম )

Raiganj,8 March 2022Our school had organised a magic show on 7 th March,2022 , after a long wait. There were teachers who opposed this due to some reason. After a long but persuasive talk with the principal, promising her to present good results for the coming exams she agreed to organise this event. Students were excited about the show. They came around 30 minutes earlier to make sure that they did not miss it. Everyone was filled with curiosity as for some of them this was the first experience. The show was arranged in the school auditorium. The magician came at the pre-scheduled time. He introduced himself to the audience. He first exhibited a small trick and asked a student to do the same. Any student could not do it however our principal did it. The magician said this simple trick could be done by everybody. The reason why the student could not do it but the principal could is because she had observed carefully. The magician performed several tricks, taught us a few and concluded the show.

6. Write a report on the annual sports of your school to be published in school magazine.

Ans.                                                                                     Annual Sports of XYZ School.

                                                                                                                —     Reported by (নিজের  নাম )

Raiganj,8 March 2022: Annual Sport is the most attractive event in each and every school. The annual sports of XYZ School took place on a grand scale in the playground the school. The students decorated the playground with small flags and festoons of different colour and flowers. The students made a dias at the Southern corner of the ground. A lot of enthusiasts, guardians, and many more gathered around the boundary of the playground. The annual sports meet started after a march past programme of the students. Many students participated in competitions of Annual Sport. The participants all put on vests and socks. There were hundred metre race, 200 metre race, high jump,  long jump, cricket ball throwing, marble-spoon, potato race, go as you like, tug of war, hop-skip-jump, basket ball, musical chair etc. Among them the most attractive event was tug of war. Santu Das, a student of class IX was selected the best athlete. The President of the School Management presided over the function. Samir Ghosh, a famous footballer was the honoured Chief Guest. Both of them distributed the prizes among the winners. The Headmaster encouraged the students to be disciplined in every field of life. He also declared the next day holiday. The sports meet came to an end with a vote of thanks to the President and the Chief Guest. The experience left a sweet impression among all.
7.Write a report on the health check-up camp / corona testing camp / eye treatment camp in your school.

Ans.                                                                                     Free Health Check-Up Camp 

                                                                                                                       —  Reported by (নিজের  নাম )

Raiganj,8 March 2022: A free health check-up camp was organized  yesterday by our school on last day .. For setting up the medical camp the school authority collaborated with the  Raiganj  District  Hospital. Free full body checkup and free pathological test camp were set up inside the school premises. A voluntary blood donation camp and corona testing and vaccination Centre  was also set up beside this. The camp was exclusively organized for poor people who hardly can afford quality treatment for their physical issues. The students of the school worked as volunteers to manage the queue and the crowd. The camp started its work from 8 a.m.  . Many names were already enlisted for health checkup. Many specialist doctors along with three renowned surgeons were present in the camp. After checking up the patients, some of the required medicines were also provided to them.

8.Write a report on the “Safe Drive Save Life” campaign organized by your School to be published in the annual school magazine.

‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ Campaign in our SchooL

         — Reported by (নিজের  নাম )

Raiganj,8 March 2022: A ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign was launched in our school on last day. Our school arranged this campaign. The students, teachers, and local administrative bodies also participated in this campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to raise consciousness among all. All highly appreciated this effort. Students wore placards, carried festoons, and voiced slogans. They walked in a rally on the streets and adjoining roads, with a request to follow the rules of the road. They also took control over the traffic of the streets and roads for half a day deliberately. The traffic police officers helped and encouraged the students in every way. The students and the teachers arranged for a street corner from the school of which they pointed out the danger of reckless driving, overtaking, and helmetless driving of the bikers. The whole day was fruitfully used. Thus, the campaign was a great success.

9.Write a report on a one – weak programme under taken by your school to clean-up the class rooms, the school premises and its surroundings / Nirmal vidyalaya Abhijan . Mention the roles of both students and teachers.

Ans.                                          CLEAN-UP PROGRAMME / NIRMAL VIDYALAYA ABHIJAN

–Reported by (নিজের  নাম )

Raiganj,8 March 2022: “ Nirmal -Vidyalaya -Saptaha”  is the most effective interventions under the Nirmal Vidyalaya Abhijan, an initiative launched in the year 2012. The drive has been concurred high acknowledgment and proprietorship by all. Recently our school had celebrated the week long programme from 24th March to 30th March with a purpose to trigger a positive behavioural change by engaging the students to advocate good practices to maintain cleanliness in the school and outside. The programme started with a rally. Banners  and slogans, posters and festoons all highlighted the healthy and hygienic habits. One needs to adopt all the classrooms and the entire premise was swept and cleaned. Our teachers included some related activities such as handwash training, hygienic Mid-Day meal programme etc. to it. A cultural programme was also conducted that included sit and draw competition, quiz contest and staging a play on the topic. The entire programme was a grand success.

10.Write a report on a blood donation camp.



                          BLOOD DONATION CAMP

                                          — Reported by (নিজের  নাম )

Raiganj,8 March 2022:  A Blood Donation Camp was organized on the school campus  on 7 th March , 2022 . Four doctors and six nurses from District Civil Hospital offered their valuable services for the camp. Our staff and many students donated blood with proud hearts. Some of the visitors were also motivated to donate blood. Three hundred and twelve units of blood were collected. All the collected blood was sent to the District Army Hospital to help save the precious lives of our brave soldiers. This was an act of great service to humanity.




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