Jimmy Valentine by O. Henry – questions and answers(S.A.Q.), class 11, WBCHSE

jimmy valentine

পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি : Jimmy Valentine by O. Henry – questions and answers(S.A.Q.), class 11, WBCHSE প্রিয় ছাত্রছাত্রীরা তোমরা  যারা এবছর  একাদশ শ্রেণীর ফাইনাল পরীক্ষা দেবে তোমাদের সকলকে WWW.PARIKSHAPRASTUTI.ORG এক্সপার্ট টিমের পক্ষ থেকে জানাই আন্তরিক শুভেচ্ছা এবং অভিনন্দন। তোমরা যাতে একাদশ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজি  বিষয়ে ১০০% নাম্বার পেতে পারো তার জন্য আমাদের টীম তোমাদের জন্য বিষয় ভিত্তিক chapter wise সাজেশন নিয়ে আসবে ধারাবাহিক ভাবে। আজকে  একাদশ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজি গল্প ‘Jimmy Valentine ‘ থেকে Short answer question (SAQ) প্রশ্ন ও উত্তরের সাজেশন  তুলে ধরা হল। আমাদের এই প্রচেষ্টা ভালো লাগলে তোমাদের বন্ধুদের মাঝে আমাদের এই ওয়েব পেজটি শেয়ার  করবে। Jimmy Valentine by O. Henry – questions and answers(S.A.Q.), class 11, WBCHSE

Jimmy Valentine by O. Henry – questions and answers(S.A.Q.), class 11, WBCHSE

1)Where did Jimmy hides his suitcase?

Ans. Jimmy hid his suitcase inside the wall in the upstairs room of Mike Dolan’s cafe.

2) “They had overpowered Jimmy to arrest him” – Who overpowered Jimmy and where?

Ans. Ben Price and his men overpowered Jimmy in the upstairs room of Mike Dolan’s cafe.

3)What did Jimmy’s suitcase contain? [class 11- 2015]

Ans. Jimmy’s suitcase contained the finest set of burglar’s tools like drills, punches, braces, bits, jimmies, clamps etc.

4)How much did the burglary tools cost?

Ans. The burglary tool cost over nine hundred dollars.

5)How many burglaries did Jimmy commit after release from the jail?

Ans. Jimmy committed three burglaries after release from the jail – at Richmond, Logansport and Jefferson City.

6)Why was Jimmy sentenced to jail?

Ans. Jimmy was sentenced to jail for cracking safe in Springfield.

7)What did the clerk at the prison give Jimmy Valentine? [class 11 – 2015, 2020]

Ans. The clerk at the prison gave Jimmy Valentine a railroad ticket and the five-dollar bill.

8)What was the name of the guard of the prison? [class 11– 2017]

Ans. The guard of the prison was Cronin.

9)What was the number of Jimmy in the jail?

Ans. The number of Jimmy in the jail was 9762.

10)What did Jimmy enjoy in the restaurant? [class 11– 2017]

Ans. Jimmy enjoyed a broiled chicken, a bottle of white wine and a good quality cigar in the restaurant.

11)How much did Jimmy pay the blind man?

Ans. Jimmy paid a quarter of a dollar to the blind man.

12)Whom did Jimmy meet first after coming out of jail?

Ans. Jimmy met one Mike Dolan first after coming out of the jail.

13)Who was Mike Dolan? [class 11– 2020]

Ans. Mike Dolan was Jimmy’s friend and a cafe owner who helped Jimmy to release from jail.

14) “Sorry we could not make it sooner” – Why was the speaker sorry?

Ans. The speaker, Mike Dolan was sorry because he could not able to release Jimmy earlier from the jail.

15)Who is the investigator in the story ‘Jimmy Valentine’? [class 11 – 2014]

Ans. Ben Price is the investigator in the story ‘Jimmy Valentine’.

16)Where did Jimmy Valentine work during the ten months of his imprisonment? [class 11 – 2019]

Ans. Jimmy Valentine worked in a prison shoe shop during his ten months of imprisonment.

17)What did Jimmy Valentine do in the prison shoe shop?

Ans. Jimmy Valentine used to stitch uppers of shoes in the prison shoe shop.

18)Who had pardoned Jimmy Valentine? [class 11 – 2017]

Ans. The governor had pardoned Jimmy Valentine.

19)What is the original term of imprisonment of Jimmy? Or. How long was Jimmy sentenced to imprisonment?

Ans. The original term of imprisonment of Jimmy was four years.

20)How long did Jimmy stay or serve in the jail?

Ans. Jimmy stayed nearly ten months in jail.

21)How much was stolen from the three burglaries respectively?

Ans.  Eight hundred dollars from Richmond.

         Fifteen hundred dollars from Logansport.  And

        Five thousand dollars from Jefferson City

22) “He resumed his business” – Why did Ben Price sure that Jimmy resumed his business?

Ans. By investigating and comparing different evidence and symbols, Ben Price came to the conclusion that all burglaries were done by Jimmy Valentine.

23)Where did Jimmy arrive after the three burglaries?

Ans. Jimmy arrived at Elmore after the three burglaries.

24)Where did Jimmy first meet Miss Annabel Adams?

Ans. Jimmy first met Miss Annabel Adams outside the Elmore Bank.

25)Who gave the information about Miss Annabel Adams?

Ans. A boy who was loafing on the steps of the Elmore Bank gave the information about Miss Annabel Adams.

26)Who was Miss Annabel Adams?

Ans. Miss Annabel Adams was the daughter of Mr Adams, the owner of the Elmore Bank.

27)In which hotel did Jimmy engage a room in Elmore? [class 11 – 2015, 2018]

Or. Where did Jimmy Valentine register his name as Ralph D Spenser? [Annual Exam 11. – 2022]

Ans. Jimmy Valentine registered his name as Ralph D Spenser in the Planters’ Hotel in Elmore.

28)What was the pseudonym that  Jimmy took in Elmore? Or. By which name did Jimmy register his name in the Planters’ Hotel?

Ans. Jimmy registered his name as Ralph D. Spencer in the Planters’ Hotel.

29)Why was the clerk impressed by Jimmy? [class 11 – 2016]

Ans. The clerk was impressed by Jimmy’s clothes and manner.

30)How are the people in Elmore?

Ans. The people in Elmore are sociable.

31)How did Jimmy Valentine prosper in Elmore?

Ans. Jimmy Valentine prospered in Elmore by opening a shoe store.

32)Whom did Jimmy write the letter?

Ans. Jimmy wrote the letter to Billy, his old friend.

33)Where did Jimmy want to meet Billy?

Ans. Jimmy wanted to meet Billy at Sullivan’s place.

34) Whom did Jimmy plan to give his burglary tools to? [Annual Exam 11. – 2022]

Ans. Jimmy planned to give his burglary tools to his old friend Billy.

35)Why did he want to meet Billy?

Ans. He wanted to meet Billy to wind up some old matters and make a present of his kit of tools.

36) “I’ve quit the old business”. – What is the old business?

Ans. The old business is burglary.

37)How did Jimmy describe Annabel in his letter to Billy?

Ans. Jimmy described Annabel as the finest girl on earth and as an angel in his letter to Billy.

38)Where did Jimmy wish to settle after marriage?

Ans.  After marriage with Annabel, Jimmy wished to settle in the West.

39)Where did Jimmy order his wedding suit?

Ans. Jimmy ordered his wedding suit from Little Rock.

40)What did Annabel feel about the content of Jimmy’s suitcase?

Ans. Annabel felt it was full of gold bricks about the content of Jimmy’s suitcase.

41)What did Jimmy say about the content of the suitcase to Annabel?

Ans. Jimmy told Annabel that there were a lot of nickel-plated shoehorns in the suitcase.

42)What new thing was put in Elmore Bank? [Annual Exam 11. – 2022]

Ans. A new safe and vault was put in Elmore Bank.

43)Why was Mr Adams very proud?

Ans. Mr Adams was very proud of a new safe and vault.

44)Who were May and Agatha?

Ans. May and Agatha were the daughters of Annabel’s married sister.

45)How old was Agatha who got trapped inside the vault? [class 11 – 2019]

Ans. Agatha who got trapped inside the vault was five years old.

46)How old was May?

Ans. May was nine years old.

47)Who shut Agatha in the vault?

Ans. May shut Agatha in the vault.

48)Whom did Jimmy Valentine rescue from the vault? [class 11 – 2014]

Ans. Jimmy Valentine rescued Agatha from the vault.

49)Why did Jimmy ask for the rose from Annabel?

Ans. Jimmy asked for the rose from Annabel because he knew that after rescuing Agatha his previous identity would be disclosed and he would lose his love. So, as a souvenir, he asked for the rose.

50)How long did Jimmy take to open the vault?

Ans. Jimmy took ten minutes to open the vault.

51) “At the door, a big man stood.” – Who was the big man?

Ans. Ben Price was the big man.

52)Why did Ben Price not arrest Jimmy?

Ans. Ben Price did not arrest Jimmy because Jimmy had completely transformed himself into a good human being.

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