প্রিয় ছাত্র ছাত্রীরা তোমরা যারা ২০২২ সালে  মাধ্যমিক দেবে , PRIKSHAPASTUTI .ORG এক্সপার্ট টিমের পক্ষ থেকে প্রথমেই তোমাদের অভিনন্দন জানাই। এই করোনা পরিস্থিতিতে যাতে তোমরা বাড়িতে বসে সুন্দর ভাবে মাধ্যমিক  পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি নিতে পারো তার জন্যই আমাদের এই প্রচেষ্টা। এই অনলাইন  EDUCATION এর  মাধ্যমে তোমরা দেখে নাও MADHYAMIK  ENGLISH POEM (FABLE , MY OWN TRUE FAMILY  এর  SAQ 2 নাম্বারের  প্রশ্ন – উত্তর  এর উপর ২০২২ পরীক্ষার জন্য তোমরা কতটা প্রস্তুতি নিয়েছো। 




(1) Who had a quarrel with the squirrel?     

  Ans : The mountain had a quarrel with the squirrel.


(2) What is not a disgrace to the squirrel ? 

Ans : To occupy its place is not a disgrace to the squirrel.


(3) What is it that the squirrel doesn’t deny ? 

Ans : The squirrel doesn’t deny that the mountain makes a pretty squirrel track.


(4) What did the mountain call the squirrel? 

Ans : The mountain called the squirrel a Little Prig’.


(5) Why did the mountain call the squirrel ‘Little Prig’ ?

Ans : The mountain mockingly called the squirrel ‘Little Prig’ because the squirrel played the role of a moralist who considered his opinions to be right.


(6) What is the squirrel’s opinion of about the things needed to make a whole world?

Ans : According to the squirrel, all sorts of things and weather must be taken in together to make a year as well as the whole world complete.


(7) “And the former called the latter”–Who are referred to here as ‘the former” and “the latter’ ?

Ans : In the poem “Fable’ by Ralph Waldo Emerson, the mountain is referred to as the former’ and the squirrel is referred to as the latter’.


(8) Despite being small why does the squirrel feel it no disgrace to occupy its place ?

Ans : Though the squirrel is a very small animal, it thinks it has an important part to play in the world. It feels no disgrace because it can perform many such tasks which a mountain cannot perform.


(9) What is the opinion of the squirrel about itself and the Mountain?

Ans : According to the squirrel, the mountain may be much bigger than it, but the mountain doesn’t even have half the liveliness and energy of the squirrel.


(10) What is that the squirrel doesn’t deny ?

Ans :  The squirrel does not deny the fact that the mountain is big in size and carries track for the squirrel and even gives then shelter.


(11) What does Bun say about ‘Talents’?

Ans : Bun thinks that various species and things have different talents, and all talents are well and wisely organised to maintain the balance of nature.  


(13) What are needed to make up a year and a sphere?

Ans : All Sorts of things and weather are needed to make up a year and a sphere.


(14) What is the squirrel’s opinion about itself?

Ans : The squirrel regards itself smaller than the mountain in size but not less important.


(15) ‘not half so spry’ – Who is ‘not half so spry’?

Ans : The mountain is not half so spry as the squirrel.


(6) What are the limitations that a mountain or a squirrel have?

Ans : A squirrel being a very small animal cannot carry forests on its back. Similarly, though the mountain is very big, it cannot perform a simple task like cracking a nut.


(17) Who of the two characters is wiser ?

Ans : In Emerson’s poem ‘Fable the tiny squirrel is wiser than the lofty mountain because he has learnt the lesson of humility, but he has no lack of confidence to assert his own place.


(18) Why doesn’t the tiny squirrel feel disgraced ?

Ans:  The tiny squirrel doesn’t mind being called ‘little prig’ because he knows pretty well that he had his own place to occupy in this world.


(19) The squirrel says he is not as large as the mountain. On what grounds then does he belittle the mountain?

Ans : The squirrel humbly admits that he is not as huge as the mountain, but he also adds that despite his bulk the mountain is not half as slender and spirited as he is.


(20) justify the title of the poem.

Ans : A fable has a strong moral message and birds or beasts as characters. The poem opens a dialogue between a mountain and a squirrel. It also teaches us the value of humility. 

(21) Who is the poet of the poem ‘Fable’ ?

Ans. Ralph Waldo Emerson is the poet of the poem “Fable’.



(1) When did the poet come twice awake ?

Ans:  When the old woman opened up her little bag and the poet glanced into it, he came twice awake.

(2) What would happen to the poet if he failed to make the promise ?

Ans:  If he failed to make promise , he would die.

(3) What was it that altered the poet?

Ans :  It was a visionary dream that altered the poet.

(4) “came twice awake” What does the expression ‘twice awake’ suggest ? “

Ans: The expression suggests a moral reawakening of the poet-a transmission from ignorance to knowledge. It may also implicate the absolute bewilderment of the poet.

(5) “unless you make a promise” Who is the person spoken to ? What promise is he asked to make ?

Ans : The person spoken to is the poet himself. He is asked to promise that whenever he sees an oak tree felled, he would plant two instead.

(6) “Unless you make a promise now-now you are going to die”-Is there any far-reaching message behind this utterance ?

Ans:  There is a far-reaching message for mankind behind this utterance. Unless mankind makes promise right now to save trees, it will one day cause their own ruin.

(7) “Unless you swear the black oak bark will wrinkle over you”—What does it suggest ?

Ans:  It suggests that unless mankind protects trees or encourages afforestation, the world will turn into a desert. The black oak-bark’ is the symbol of aridity and barrenness.’

(8) What promise did the poet have to make?

Ans:  The poet had to make a promise that he would plant two oak trees if he saw one oak tree being felled.

(9) How did the dream alter the poet ?

Ans : After having the dream the poet felt a strong bond between him and the oak trees and could also feel the pain the trees go through when they are felled. This is how the dream altered the poet.

(10) “My walk was the walk of a human child, but my heart was a tree.”—Explain.

Ans:  By the expression “My walk was the walk of a human child, but my heart was a tree”, the poet means that though he remained a human being by appearance but now he felt himself to be the one, belonging to the tree family as he could realise the pain of the oak-trees when they were felled by human beings.

(11) Describe the appearance of the old woman.

Ans. The old woman was in rags. She carried a knobbly stick in her hand. Besides, she was carrying a little bag. . It contained the poet’s secret. Her cackle gave the poet shivers.

(12)  What was the ultimate realisation of the poet ?

Ans: Ultimately the poet realised that human beings and trees should thrive as a single family. Though he was a human child, he started realising the pain of trees.

(13) What does the ‘old woman’ stand for? Is there any symbolic suggestion behind ‘knobby stick and rag’?  

Ans : The ‘old woman’ stands for an age-old oak tree. In a broader sense it symbolises mother nature. ‘Knobbly stick and rag’ symbolically suggest the withered, leafless and decaying state of the old oak tree.

(14) Who were the ‘staring tribe’ referred to in the poem?

Ans. Here the ‘staring tribe’ refers to the oak-trees in the wood. In his dream the poet discovered himself surrounded by oak-trees. The trees seemed looking fixedly at him.

(15) What is the message of the poem ?

Ans. The poem conveys the message of the need to protect our natural environment for the welfare of mankind.

(16) Who is the poet of the poem ”MY OWN TRUE FAMILY ”?

Ans : Ted Hughes is the poet of the poem ”MY OWN TRUE FAMILY ” .


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