The Snail by William Cowper MCQ & SAQ


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Madhyamik English poem ”The Snail” by William Cowper MCQ & SAQ 

The substance of the poem ”The Snail” by William Cowper

The poem ”The Snail” takes us into the private life of a snail, where it is seen to lead a self-sufficient life. We are allowed to observe in minute detail, the small yet self-contained world in which a snail lives.

The Snail by William Cowper MCQ 

প্রতিটি উত্তরের জন্য চারটি অপশন  দেওয়া আছে ,সেগুলি থেকে নিচে দেওয়া Shoe Answer : অপশনটি থেকে Correct Answer :  টি মিলিয়ে নাও। 

1)The snail –
[A]sticks close to everything 
[B]runs fast 
[C]walks fast
[D] runs slowly

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Correct Answer: [A]sticks close to everything 

2)The snail has –
[A]fears to fall 
[B]no fears to fall 
[C]flat shell
[D] fears to move 

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Correct Answer:[B]no fears to fall 

3)The house of the snail is –
[A]on the wall 
[B]on the leaf
[C]in the garden 
[D]with him 

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Correct Answer:[D]with him 

4)The snail hides –
[A]in the jungle 
[B]in his house 
[C]behind the leaf 
[D]in the grass 

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Correct Answer:[B]in his house 

5)The snail is – 
[B]with home

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Correct Answer:[B]with home

6)Within his house the snail is – 

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Correct Answer:[A]secure 

7)”When danger imminentbetides of storm”–Here the word ‘imminent’ means-
[C]likely to happen soon

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Correct Answer:[C]likely to happen soon

8)During a storm, the snail –
[A]moves on the grasses 
[B]remains on the fruit 
[C]hides on the wall 
[D]hides in his house 

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Correct Answer:[D]hides in his house 

9)The snail —
[A]can bear the slightest touch 
[B]can bear hard attack 
[C]can not bear the slightest touch 
[D]can bear any attack 

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Correct Answer:[C]can not bear the slightest touch 

10)The snail has –
[A]no horns 
[C]a tail
[D]no head 

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Correct Answer:[B]hons 

11)The snail has —
[A]self-appointing power 
[B]self-examining power 
[C]self-collecting power 
[D]self-knowing power 

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Correct Answer:[C]self-collecting power 

12)The snail can –
[A]swell himself
[B]vanish himself 
[C]roll himself 
[D]shrink himself

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Correct Answer:[D]shrink himself

13)The snail shrinks himself into –
[A]the grass 
[B]his house 
[C]the fruit 
[D]the tree leaf 

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Correct Answer:[B]his house 

14)”Where’er he dwells,…”—Here the word ‘dwells’ means-

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Correct Answer:[A]resides

15)The snail  dwells –
[A]in the cave
[B]in the deep forest 
[C]with his brothers and sisters 

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Correct Answer:[D]alone

16)The snail carries with him his –

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Correct Answer:[B]chatells

17)The snail keeps his personal belongings-
[A]with himself 
[C]on the wall 
[D]in his wall hole

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Correct Answer:[A]with himself 

18)”Except himself has chatells none”-The word ‘chatells’ means –
[A]personal belonging
[C]other’s belonging b
[D]family’s belonging 

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Correct Answer:[A]personal belonging

19)Having carried his whole treasure , the snail is –
[A]well satisfied 
[B]dis satisfied 
[C]partly satisfied  

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Correct Answer:[A]well satisfied 

20)”The Snailk” is composed by –
[A]Ralph Emerson 
[B]Ted Hughes
[C]John Masefield
[D]William Cowper

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Correct Answer:[D]William Cowper

The Snail by William Cowper SAQ 

Class X English  poem ‘The Snail’ থেকে Short Answer Questions (SAQ) Madhyamik final পরীক্ষায় থাকবে ২ টি। তার জন্য নিচের প্রশ্ন উত্তর গুলির প্রস্তুতি নিলে দুটি প্রশ্ন কমন আসবেই আসবে। 

1. Who wrote the poem ‘The Snail’?

Ans. William Cowper, the English poet, wrote the poem ‘The Snail’.

2. Where does the snail stick close?

Ans. The snail sticks close to the grass, or leaf, or fruit, or wall.

3. With what does a snail move to and fro ?

Ans. The snail moves to and fro taking his house and all together with him.

4. When does the snail hide in his house?

Ans. When the snail has given the slightest touch, he shrinks into his house.

5. Where does the snail hide securely?

Ans. The snail hides securely within that house which is with him .

6. How far is the self-collecting power of the snail effective ?

Ans. The self-collecting power of the snail is great . He shrinks into his house with that power .

7. How does the snail feel when he shrinks into his house ?

Ans. When the snail shrinks into his house, he feels much displeasure .

8. How does the snail dwell ?

Ans. The snail dwells anywhere . But wherever he dwells, he dwells alone b.

9. Whose chatells (জিনিসপত্র ) does the snail carry ?

Ans. The snail carries the chatells of none except himself.

10. How does the snail feel carrying his own whole treasure ?

Ans.The snail feels well satisfied carrying his own whole treasure.

11. When does the snail feed faster ?

Ans. When the snail travels, he feeds faster.

12. What does the snail represent in the poem?

Ans. In the poem ”The Snail”, the snail represents self-centeredness.

13. How does the snail feel satisfied with itself?

Ans.The snail dwells alone in his house and it is his only personal belongings. This thought makes the snail well satisfied.

14. Why does the snail feel satisfied with itself?

Ans. The snail feels satisfied with itself because he thinks of his house as his only personal belongings.

15. Why does the snail have no fear of feeling?

Ans. As the snail sticks to grass, leaf, fruit, and wall tightly, he does not have any fear.

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